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Cooperation between the Central Depositary Agency and the Croatian Post

The pilot project for receiving applications is being implemented in 20 post offices
ZAGREB, 1 July 2021 - The implementation of the pilot project of the Central Depositary Agency (CDA) and the Croatian Post commences on the 1 July in 20 post offices in county centers. The submission of various requests for handling dematerialized securities on accounts opened at the CDA will be able in selected post offices.

The CDA clients can submit the following requests in post offices:

  • request for issuing a PIN number
  • request for changing the correspondence address
  • request for making and delivering a comprehensive confirmation of payment of remuneration, income and taxes, and
  • requests for insight into the data on the dematerialized securities account:
    • account balance notice on the day
    • cargo registration notice
    • notice on account balance and changes for the period
    • review of disbursed funds in the period
    • notice of unpaid funds from the KA
    • the order of entry in the accounts of items in the period.

Post offices have become crucial spots where private and business users can get banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail and many other services. A network of 1016 post offices is the biggest retail network in the country, and post offices are available in more than 800 localities. The Croatian Post wants to provide equal possibilities and availability to those who live in larger cities as well as to those who live in less populated areas of Croatia. Numerous projects have already been initiated in cooperation with other companies and organizations such as the Hrvatska Poštanska Banka (HPB bank) and the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute.

By cooperating with the CDA, the Croatian Post is able to further expand the service offer according to its mission - to be at the service of citizens.

List of post offices where CDA requests are received:

  • Post Office 10000 Zagreb, Branimirova 4
  • Post Office 20000 Dubrovnik, Vukovarska 16
  • Post Office 21101 Split, Kralja Tomislava 9
  • Post Office 22104 Šibenik, Biskupa fra Jerolima Milete 2
  • Post Office 23000 Zadar, Kralja S. Držislava 1
  • Post Office 31105 Osijek, TC Spar, Ulica sv. Leopolda Bogdana Mandića 7
  • Post Office 32000 Vukovar, Josipa Jurja Strossmayera 4
  • Post Office 33000 Virovitica, Masarykova 1
  • Post Office 34000 Požega, Kamenita vrata 10
  • Post Office 35101 Slavonski Brod, Trg pobjede 2
  • Post Office 40000 Čakovec, Tome Masaryka 28
  • Post Office 42000 Varaždin, Trg slobode 9
  • Post Office 43000 Bjelovar, Gajeva 2
  • Post Office 44105 Sisak, TC Kaufland, Zagrebačka 49
  • Post Office 47000 Karlovac, Ivana Gorana Kovačića 4
  • Post Office 48000 Koprivnica, Florijanski trg 18
  • Post Office 49000 Krapina, Ljudevita Gaja 18
  • Post Office 51101 Rijeka, Korzo 39
  • Post Office 52000 Pazin, Matka Brajše Rašana 7A
  • Post Office 53000 Gospić, Kaniška 53.