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The Republic of Croatia, as a member of the European Union, uses the possibilities of various funds to co-finance development and socially responsible projects. In addition to EU funds, there are also national sources of funding available, which are periodically available in the form of grants and subsidies, as well as various financial documents. 
Croatian Post creates the preconditions necessary for the preparation and implementation of projects financed from EU funds and other sources of financing in the areas of energy efficiency, human resources development, renewable energy sources, innovative business processes, digitalization of systems and other projects in accordance with the guidelines of the Post2020 Development Strategy.
To this end, the Department for EU Funds and Other Sources of Funding was established in February 2020 to establish the system and strengthen administrative capacity to withdraw funds from EU funds and other sources of funding and manage the implementation of projects funded by EU funds and other sources of funding.
The task of the Department is to provide administrative and professional support to other organizational units in order to articulate and express their development needs that could potentially be financed from EU funds and other sources of funding.

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