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FlyVETUp! meeting on Cyprus

The 3rd Transnational Supervisory Board Meeting was held in Cyprus

Organized by Cyprus Post as the host of the meeting and with the participation of project partners, Greek Post, Croatian Post, Aviation Technical School "Rudolf Perešin", Greek company AKMI, Cypriot Dronint and German BK Consult, on 28th and 29th of March 2022, the 3rd Transnational Meeting of the FlyVETUp! project Supervisory Board was held in Limassol, Cyprus.

After the welcoming words of the representative of the Cyprus Post, the Croatian Post presented the results of the project implementation so far. The e-laerning platform was launched as the 3rd result of the FlyVETUp! thus fulfilling the precondition for the implementation of the next project step, testing the platform on target groups, ie employees of postal operators of the project partners.

A special event of the meeting was the delivery of the package by drone, in which also participated as a guest the Cypriot Minister of Transport, Communications and Labor, Giannis Karousos, to whom the project manager Ivana Filipović presented a collection of Croatian Post stamps. The delivery of the package by drone from the hotel terrace to the plateau near the hotel was successful, which gives optimism that FlyVETUp! the project is needed and the result of which will be useful both to postal operators and other close sectors. Employees will be invited through internal communication channels to access the platform and undergo training for drone operators.

Drone management has its own rules and restrictions, which were introduced to the participants by Nicolas Episkopou from the Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation. A representative of the Greek Post spoke about the current practices of using drones in the postal sector.

At the end of the two-day meeting, the participants were greeted by the Executive Director of the Cyprus Post, Pavlos Pavlides, emphasizing the importance of drones in the future of the postal sector. Delivery by drone is cheaper, and also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

The partners also agreed on a timeline for the next activities with the conclusion "We said what we would do, and we did what we said."