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Transnational meeting in Dubrovnik

Organized by the Croatian Post as the host of the meeting and with the participation of project partners, The 2nd Transnational Meeting of the Steering Committee of the FlyVETUp! project was held in Dubrovnik on 25th and 26th October.
The participants of the meeting evaluated the activities carried out in the previous year since the FlyVETUp! started. Results achieved, created a good framework for designing an e-platform through which training and testing for drone operators in the postal sector will be conducted. The materials that will be designed, with their professional content and form, will contribute to the accessibility of lifelong learning to all.
In addition to presenting the achieved Intellectual results, the participants went through other obligations under the Erasmus + Grant Agreement and it was concluded that the project is being implemented according to its planned dynamics despite some changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.