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"Vaša pošta" Foundation secures better future for 500 children

In 12 years, 500 life insurance policies worth HRK 22.5 million have been awarded
ZAGREB, 29 June 2022 – On Tuesday, 28 June, the "Vaša pošta" Foundation handed over the 500th life insurance policy to children without adequate parental care.

The foundation was founded by the Croatian Post with the charitable purpose of providing financial support to children without adequate parental care by paying a life insurance policy in the equivalent of 6,000 euros during the child's stay in a home. The policy sum is paid to the child in the form of an annuity when the child leaves the home and starting independent living. In this way, for the next two years, until they find a job, young people have their basic living expenses covered – rent and utilities.

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Klasje Children's Home, the 500th policy was handed over by Slađana Novaković on behalf of Croatia osiguranje. "The success of every child who embarks on an independent life is our greatest reward, and at the same time an incentive to continue our dedicated work," said Ms. Novaković.

Through regular communication with children's homes, the "Vaša pošta" Foundation monitors the fluctuation of disadvantaged children through homes and initiates cooperation and encourages donors to provide assistance to children leaving children's homes. Thanks to its professional approach and transparent operations, the Foundation today has the support of 55 local and regional government units, a large number of private and state-owned companies and individual individuals.

"The value of the Foundation is not only in the life insurance policy. The Foundation also gives children a sense of belonging, shows them that there are people who care and who are willing to help. Donors who pay for the policy also have the opportunity to meet the children they insure, and this support often continues beyond what the policy brings. There are numerous examples of children who have found employment with their donors, and the Croatian Post also employs several people who were beneficiaries of the insurance policy," said Krešimir Domjančić, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Croatian Post.

 Ema and Krešimir Domjančić

Danijel and Slađana Novaković