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I wish to work at Croatian Post

If you are a responsible and proactive person with a penchant for knowledge and eager to continually broaden your knowledge and skills and you strive toward excellence in the workplace and with to join the Croatian Post team, make the first step in that direction and send us your resume.
On these pages you can find out which positions we are hiring for.
Given that Croatian Post fills most of the required positions from its database of potential candidates, we recommend that everyone who wants to become part of the large postal team submit their CV online - this way you too become a potential candidate for employment.
If you exercise the right of priority in employment according to the Act on Croatian Veterans of the Homeland War and their Family Members and the Act on Civilian Victims of the Homeland War, and you want to use that right, you must submit all the evidence confirming this when you apply. The necessary documents can be found here.
Are you looking for casual student jobs? Or maybe you just want to earn some pocket money? If you are a full-time student and at the same time hardworking, motivated and eager for your first work experience, contact the Croatian Post.
We recommend that you submit your CV online with a note on what type of student job you are interested in.
You can also send your contact information and CV (with a note on what type of student job you are interested in) by e-mail to