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300 parcel lockers to be installed across Croatia

300 parcel lockers to be installed across CroatiaFocus on the user and development of e-commerce 

With this project, Croatian Post not only strengthens its business operations, but also caters to user demands in the best possible way, because this service will be available 24/7

This is all a user wants - maximum availability of service and possibility of managing postal items. In line with its Pošta2022 Business Development Strategy and keeping up with e-commerce demands and continuous increase in the package deliveries segment that has been present for several years already, Croatian Post is procuring 300 parcel lockers to be installed across the country.  Numerous studies have shown that not only in Croatia, but also worldwide, especially in densely populated, urban regions, users wish to have parcel lockers available, as places where they could pick up their postal items at a time that they find convenient, 24/7. 

Busy, urban locations will be the first ones to get parcel lockers, which will be installed as soon as in the first days of this year’s last quarter. A significant shift is expected to occur in Croatian Post’s operations, considering the way this will directly impact end users. The first comments concerning the announcement of Croatian Post’s plan to procure parcel lockers already lead to the conclusion that this was a step in the right direction. Croatian Post’s partner in this project is the Estonian national postal service provider Omniva, the best example of advanced parcel locker services in Europe. With as much as 60% of all parcel deliveries being performed by Estonians via this service, it is no surprise that Estonians are usually regarded as European champions in many areas of digital society. In the context of parcel deliveries, Croatian Post has initiated this HRK 108 million-worth project, which should not only reduce waiting time at parcel collection (because users will be able to pick up their parcels at any time), but also contribute to the creation of new user habits and e-commerce growth.

Parcel lockers will be installed at busy, urban locations over the course of the following two years. For citizens, this will be a place where they can drop off or collect their parcels 24/7, without waiting in line, whereas for us as a company, this will create room for development of new services and additional operative optimization and a more stable increase in business operations.