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Electric chargers

Corporate social responsibility is one of the most important determinants of the Post2020 Strategy, and care for workers, the community and the environment is in constant focus. Conditions are constantly being created to increase energy efficiency when performing basic work.

In order to increase energy efficiency in transport, Croatian post responded to a public call of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency with the project of building vehicle electric charging stations. The Fund recognized the project and thus provided funds for the construction and procurement of equipment for three electric charging stations for electric vehicles at the following locations: Velika Gorica - New Sorting Center, Zadar - Gaženica and Osijek - Jablanovo.

The value of the investment for the construction and equipment of the three charging stations is  558,750.00 HRK, and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency co-finances the procurement in the amount of 200,000.00 HRK in grants.
The project includes the installation of a foundation for a fast charger for two vehicles, the installation of a fast charger for two vehicles and the construction of a low-voltage charger connection and a wired connection of the communication network.
Providing a network of charging stations for electric vehicles creates a logistical basis for the introduction of a larger fleet of electric vehicles.

Realization of the project

The first of a total of three electric charging stations during August 2020 was installed in the indoor parking lot of the New Sorting Center in Velika Gorica. With the imminent installation of the other two filling stations, we are building an infrastructure for sustainable mobility and contributing to the green transition.

The charging station in Velika Gorica has a charging power of 50 kW, the same as in Osijek, while the Zadar charging station has a power of 22 kW.