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Guided by sustainable business practices in its daily operations, Croatian Post is actively engaged in green transformation, aiming to reduce greenhouse gases and negative environmental impact. The company continues to contribute to the community, its employees, and users through socially responsible business practices and sustainable development.


In response to the impact of changes in the world and in our country, in the Corporate Strategy Pošta2025(30), Croatian Post recognized ESG - E (Environment), S (Social) and G (Government) - as the main factors of sustainable business that based on four main pillars.

Four pillars of ESG


Focus on the customer, innovation and new technologies, increasing competitiveness


CO2 emissions, waste management, green energy


Contribution to the community, regional presence, data protection

Pošta - that's who we are

Development, education and reward of workers, health and safety, company culture


In addition to focusing on workers, their betterment, improving working conditions and attracting new talent, Croatian Post strongly advocates respect for diversity and diversity among workers, as these are values that are the key to the long-term success of any company. Thus, Croatian Post is, among other things, a signatory of the Croatia Diversity Charter. Since gender equality is extremely important for socially responsible business, to get a picture of the actual state of equality, at the beginning of 2022, Croatian Post conducted a survey among female workers, on the basis of which the Action Plan for promoting and establishing gender equality from 2022 to 2025 was adopted.

Croatian post Foundation

Within the framework of sustainability and socially responsible business, for years the most outstanding example of the social responsibility of Croatian Post has been the Croatian post Foundation, which, in cooperation with children's homes in Croatia and its partner Croatia osiguranje, ensures that the residents of children's homes, after leaving the home, have financial means for payment of basic living expenses until the moment of employment.

Environmental management

The climate challenges facing the whole world demand from all of us changes in the way we behave and work, the development of innovative business models and solutions, and turning to green technologies. In this direction, postal operators as major logistics players can be considered leaders in the introduction of new rules because, due to the nature of their work, they significantly affect the environment with their carbon footprint created by the performance of their core business. Croatian Post is no exception to this and as a response invests considerable funds in the acquisition of electric delivery vehicles and the development of a network of the necessary charging stations, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of its facilities.

Net Zero initiatives

In its approach to fleet electrification, Croatian has committed itself to achieving zero carbon emissions by 2040 by joining The Climate Pledge initiative, an international and cross-sector community of companies and organizations. It also participates in the SMMS program of the International Postal Corporation (IPC), whose goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 50% compared to the level of 2019 and to have a fleet with at least 50% vehicles on alternative fuels, of which 25% electric, by 2030. These goals of reducing and, ultimately, eliminating the harmful impact on the environment, along with parcel machines as the green delivery channel of Croatian Post, can help preserve our planet as a quality place for future generations to live.

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