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The Croatian Post introduces a new visual identity

The Croatian Post introduces a new visual identity

Postal Horn for the Digital Age

Zagreb, June 27, 2019 - Croatian Post has introduced a new logo and visual identity. Starting with the methods and principles of contemporary design and based on the experiences from major international corporations, the old logo of Croatian Post has been redesigned and reduced to basic forms.

This approach to new company's visual identity has resulted in a recognizable form of postal horn that has always symbolized postal activity around the world. It also has a new association that is consistent with the time in which we live, which is the symbol of the location pin. In the process of rebranding, company's distinctive features such as colors and symbols were retained, but at the same time the logo has been updated.

Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Board: "Croatian Post has changed significantly in recent years. We invest in people and business, we are introducing digital substitutes for various postal services, and also, we are developing new services. The modernization of the logo symbolically marks the beginning of the new age of Croatian Post. Croatian Post is the leading logistics company with the state-of-the-art sorting center in this part of Europe. We provide modern, digital services, we are focused on core business and digitization as an important development philosophy which is all in line with the Development Strategy Post2022. "

"In the re-branding process of the Croatian Post we wanted to preserve all the distinctive elements of the brand, such as the color and the character of the sign, while giving it contemporary and a more convenient form for the digital age," said award-winning designer Boris Malešević, author of the new logo.

The Croatian Post is undergoing a big investment cycle in the recent years. The most important investment worth almost 50 million EUR is the construction of a new sorting center near Velika Gorica. Moving to the most advanced logistics center in this part of Europe has just begun. Completing the construction of the largest capital investment in the history of Croatian Post is the right time to change the company's visual identity.

Given the size and prevalence of 1016 postal offices throughout Croatia, the logo change will be implemented over time. In the first phase, the new visual identity will be applied to the largest and busiest Post Offices and part of the fleet.


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