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HR Management Excellence is Part of the Post2022 Strategy

HR Management Excellence is Part of the Post2022 Strategy

Croatian Post receives a Partner Employer Certificate

Croatian Post received valuable recognition for the first time – a Partner Employer Certificate for HR Management Excellence awarded by SELECTIO, a leading Croatia headhunting and HR management company. Croatian Post achieved the best results in Strategy and Recruitment & Selection thanks to its well-organized HR Management function, effective management and supervision of the recruitment and selection process, using different recruitment channels, and protection of information gathered in the recruitment and selection process.
Ivan Čulo, CEO, and Damir Babić, Executive Director of Croatian Post’s HR Management Office, were presented with the Partner Employer Certificate by Aleksandar Zemunić, a Management Board Member at SELECTIO. Ivan Čulo, CEO, noted that this Certificate was an important confirmation of the quality of our HR management activities as part of the Post2022 Development Strategy focusing on employees, as well as confidence, proactivity and excellence being fundamental postal values, but also a result of developing our employees’ knowledge and competences, and our corporate culture.
Croatian Post met very stringent criteria defined for the Partner Employer Certificate and thus became one of five government-owned companies holding this important certificate. The certificate shows that the Post is a business effectively managing its human resources and promoting and implementing standards that improve business performance and labor quality.
“Croatian Post is a company developing a culture of proactive responsibility, that is, a culture of achievement, rather than just “going through the motions”. Our employees are proactive and will not wait for someone to tell them what to do and why – they take initiative and steps that lead to success,” said Damir Babić, Executive Director, HR Management Office.
The Partner Employer Project is supported by the MojPosao portal as the general sponsor and the Lider business weekly as the media sponsor. There are currently 40 holders of this Certificate in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Serbia.