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Energy efficient vehicles

Energy efficient vehicles
Croatian Post supports increasing energy efficiency and smart energy management by using energy sources with a low or no carbon content and reducing noise levels.  The ultimate goal is to create a "green" fleet of vehicles in order to rationalize fuel consumption, use new technologies and fleet efficiency.
The project for the purchase of light four-wheeled electric vehicles is a continuation of the project to increase the energy efficiency of the vehicle fleet from 2015, when 180 electric bicycles were procured.

The Croatian Post will continue to continuously replenish its vehicle fleet with electric vehicles in order to further reduce the pollution rate when performing basic postal activities.

Vehicle procurement project, 2018
In order to increase energy efficiency in transport, the Croatian Post responded to a public call of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency with the project Green and Sustainable Transport in Postal Traffic Using Electric Vehicles. The Fund recognized the project and approved co-financing for the purchase of 20 electric ATVs in the amount of 400,000.00 HRK. The total value of the investment is 1,280,100.00 HRK.
Acquired models of quad bikes FreeDuck4 FD manufactured by Ducatti Energia s.p.a. are powered by lithium-ion batteries and are designed to meet the needs of professional users in terms of load-bearing capacity and agility in tight spaces like in urban traffic. The trunk capacity of up to 300 liters is suitable for transporting boxes, large equipment and appliances.

The introduction of electric vehicles enables the Croatian Post to have better mobility in the city cores when delivering shipments and optimizes efficiency because it enables a gradual reduction in the number of fossil fuel vehicles. Also, electric vehicles contribute to reducing the operating costs of the vehicle fleet and increasing the energy efficiency of the Croatian Post. By using electric quadricycles for delivery, Croatian post annually reduces CO2 emissions by 7.6 tons.


Vehicle procurement project, 2019
Croatian post continued the green transition of postal transport with the purchase of electric vehicles and, with the non-refundable support of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency  procured 20 electric quadricycles, thus increasing the vehicle fleet to a total of 220 electric vehicles. The range of the quad bike is 60 km with one charge, and the maximum speed is 45 km / h. The volume of the luggage tank is 300 l and the load capacity is about 150 kg.

By using 40 electric four-wheelers for delivery, Croatian post will reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 15.2 t.

Vehicle procurement project, 2020
The agreement on direct co-financing of energy-efficient vehicles between Croatian post and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency provided grants for the purchase of 26 electric mopeds. The FEPEE participates in procurement costs in the amount of up to 399,033.44 HRK, or 40%. Co-financing was secured by Croatian post's successful application to the public call for legal entities benefiting from the Fund's 2020 published in June 2020.

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