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Croatian Post Unveils a New Service for Corporate Clients

Croatian Post Unveils a New Service for Corporate Clients

The Corporate e-Invoice is an affordable service which allows clients to issue electronic invoices

Zagreb, 30 May 2019 – Starting from 1 July, electronic invoices will become mandatory in all public procurement procedures, due to which the majority of entities receiving funds from the state budget will be required to issue e-Invoices in accordance with the European norm. In order to make it possible for legal persons to issue e-Invoices in a simple and affordable manner, Croatian Post introduced a new service on 15 May – the Corporate e-Invoice.
Corporate clients who issue more than 500 e-Invoices can take advantage of the most favourable rate of HRK 0.5 + VAT per e-Invoice. In addition, every legal person who chooses to sign up for the ePost service as an issuer of invoices will be granted the convenience of issuing all invoices until 31 December 2019 at the total price of only HRK 1, regardless of the number of invoices issued.
All contracting entities involved in public procurement will soon be required to accept and issue e-Invoices – in order to be completely prepared and to avoid hefty fines, they will be required to hire a registered information broker. The deadline for ensuring compliance of invoicing systems to the European norm is 1 July 2019, making this the ideal moment to do so.
Croatian Post is the only registered information broker to enable its clients to also send other documents to more than 170 000 private and corporate clients through the ePost service.
All ePost users are also given the option of sending electronic letters to a physical address. A letter received electronically is printed out, placed in an envelope, and delivered to any address in the world. The convenient option of being able to send “real” letters without leaving the comfort of your own home or office has already been embraced by a large number of users.