Hrvatska pošta


Organisational structure

Croatian Post in numbers


April 2024
  • 8831 employees
  • 3041 clerks
  • 3139 postman


  • 1016 post offices
  • 2125 postal counters
  • 300 parcel lockers


  • 1367 vehicles
  • 1391 motorcycles and 106 bicycles
  • 423 electric vehicles - bikes, quadricycles, mopeds, personal vehicles, vans and light delivery vehicles

Distance & services

  • 56 million kilometres travelled annually
  • 235 million postal services provided annually

The internal organization of Croatian Post consists of the following segments:

  • Management
  • Support offices for Management
  • Regions
  • Nacionalni skladišno-sortirni centar (NSC).

Management Board

Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Board of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d.
Ivana Mrkonjić, member of the Board
Hrvoje Parlov, member of the Board
​Siniša Šukunda, member of the Board


Supervisory Board

Ivančica Uhr, president of the Supervisory Board
Stanko Gačić, vice-president of the Supervisory Board
Ante Sučić, member of the Supervisory Board
Milan Jukić, employee representative

Audit Committee

HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d. as a public company of public interest is obligated to form an audit committee. The Audit Committee is comprised of a president of the Audit Committee, a member of the Audit Committee and a company representative.

Ante Sučić, president of the Audit Committee
Željko Franić, member of the Audit Committee
Željka Perković Simeonov, representative of HP-Hrvatska pošta d.d.

Rules of Procedure for the Management Board of Croatian Post

Rules of Procedure for the Management Board of Croatian Post (pdf)