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Croatian Post Day

Croatian Post Day

At Citizens’ Service

The Croatian Post Day is celebrated on 10 October.
It has been almost thirty years since the Act Establishing the Public Croatian Postal and Telecommunication Company, a predecessor of Croatian Post, was promulgated. The Croatian Post Day was pronounced on 10 October 1990, being the effective date of the Act. Until 1998, Croatian Post operated as Croatian Post and Telecommunication and then continued separately.
The Post has always been the foundation of communication and still is because it is an integral part of the community. Many individuals interact with Croatian Post on a daily basis. Every day, our postmen deliver around one million postal items to home addresses and our counter workers provide services to over 170 000 customers every day. In addition to being in constant contact with citizens, we adapt our business to their needs.
In June this year, we presented the five-year Post2022 Development Strategy. The new Strategy made all 9700 Croatian Post employees aware of our focus on developing and improving our core business, care for our employees and their professional development, as well as our penetration of new markets. We are launching a number of new projects which demonstrate that we are living our mission and truly are at citizens’ service.
Of course, our core business is a priority, so we mostly focus on developing our letter & parcel services. This year, we invested around HRK 50 million in new automated mail sorting systems in Split and Zagreb.
Guided by the notion that the digital age is not something to come, but our presence, we are developing our existing services and introducing new ones. We are extending our ePost digital mailbox service and our evotv digital television and this year we also opened our Yellow Click web shop offering numerous benefits to our customers. The Digital Postman project facilitated delivery of mail to customers’ homes and all postmen will soon be equipped with smartphones and mobile printers, just like the postmen implementing this pilot project in Varaždin.
Having begun to build its new sorting facility in May, Croatian Post took a big step forward in developing its own logistics and business, but also in the overall logistic development in Croatia. This postal logistic hub is the greatest capital investment in the history of Croatian Post (HRK 345 million) and will serve as the base for developing and improving the postal system, our services and the entire organization.