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Crypto Stamp and Five Digital Motifs Featuring Professor's Greatest Inventions

Crypto Stamp and Five Digital Motifs Featuring Professor's Greatest Inventions ZAGREB, September 5, 2023 - Croatian Post will release its fifth crypto stamp on September 7, 2023, in the form of a commemorative postage block with a single stamp. The motif on the crypto stamp features the most famous Croatian scientist, this time in an animated form - Professor Baltazar. The authors of the new crypto stamp are designers from Zagreb, Ivana Vučić and Tomislav-Jurica Kaćunić, and the stamp with a nominal value of 7.80 euros is printed in 30,000 copies.

The fifth edition of the crypto stamp, a perfect combination of analog and digital, was realized by the Croatian Post in collaboration with BitX and MarrowLabs companies. When you purchase the crypto stamp, you receive a physical postage stamp that you can use for sending mail, as well as a digital stamp in the form of a unique token (NFT) that holds collector's value just like physical stamps.

To faithfully translate collecting into the digital world, the crypto stamps are divided into different digital categories, emphasizing their uniqueness and exclusivity. Motifs from the world of Professor Baltazar appear in five different categories: the most exclusive digital motif shows Professor Baltazar with a test tube and is available in 2000 copies, followed by Professor Baltazar's bed in 4000 copies, a robot bike in 6000 copies, a submarine in 8000 copies, and Baltazar's machine with a windmill, available in 10,000 copies.
Professor Baltazar, a likable little man who, with the help of his machine, produces a magical liquid to assist his fellow citizens in various troubles, first appeared on small screens in 1968, produced by the Zagreb School of Animated Film. Thirty-eight episodes, each lasting about ten minutes, delighted the youngest viewers as well as those a bit older until 1977. Even today, more than 50 years after his first appearance, Baltazar continues to enjoy popularity among all generations and, with his message, teaches and reminds us that happiness is in giving, and knowledge and kindness are values we must follow.

The new crypto stamp will be available for purchase from September 7 at post offices, on the website, and in the online store, where Croatian Post allows the purchase of crypto stamps with cryptocurrencies.