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Preliminary Construction Work Begins

Preliminary Construction Work BeginsNew sorting facility
Pursuant to the Post2022 Development Strategy, which provides among other things for the construction and commissioning of a new sorting facility as an important milestone, this largest capital investment in the history of Croatian Post was launched in June. Preliminary earthwork started to symbolize the beginning of implementing the Post2022 Strategy.
The first phase has already begun and the project is scheduled to be completed in 18 months. 32,000 square meters of the sorting facility will be completed during the first phase and the total surface area of the complex after all phases are completed will be 38,200 square meters. The location of the new sorting facility is in Gradići near Velika Gorica – it was selected for its good strategic position near the Franjo Tuđman International Airport and access to motorways and railways.
The total value of the investment is HRK 345 million and the foundation stone was laid on 16 May 2017.