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Croatian Post is the holder of the Excellence in Challenges award

Croatian Post is the holder of the Excellence in Challenges awardCroatian Post received the Excellence in Challenges award given to companies that demonstrated high quality human resources management and care for the well-being of their employees during the coronavirus pandemic. This recognition goes to companies that have launched excellent initiatives from the very beginning. The award holders showed that they recognize the importance of quick and continuous adjustment of goals and organization of work, transparent communication with employees and the importance of taking care of physical and mental health.

The consulting company SELECTIO praised the attitude of the employer towards the employees. "From the very beginning, the pandemic has had a significant impact on business results, so the strongest focus of Croatian Post has been to retain all workers' rights. Wages are stable, all allowances and increases have been retained, and the employer is fulfilling all obligations under the collective employment agreement and other applicable national laws. Bonuses were paid to the third pension pillar for good performance and a variable part of the salary. In addition, the existing psychological support program has been expanded to make it easier for employees to cope with the new circumstances.

Moreover, the managers who have acquired relevant knowledge at the Croatian Post Academy for coping with stressful situations and overcoming traumatic events, are also at employees' disposal. In this period, the emphasis is on internal and external communication and health and safety at work. Employees and users regularly receive all key information through daily announcements via newsletters and numerous digital channels.

In addition, Croatian Post showed solidarity with the community through CSR initiatives - a respirator was donated to the University hospital ‘Sveti Duh’ and the delivery of humanitarian aid was organized in cooperation with the Red Cross. In addition to the funds paid according to the benefits from the collective agreement, the employer also showed solidarity for the workers affected by the earthquake in Zagreb by the Board of Directors and the management giving up 30 percent of their salaries for April. Preserving the stability of income and the safety and security of workers will remain the focus of Croatian Post in the coming period", concludes SELECTIO.