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Corporate governance

Croatian Post applies the Code of Corporate Governance for Companies in which the Republic of Croatia holds shares or stakes, adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia (Official Gazette, No. 132 from December 29, 2017). The Company monitors and implements the recommendations set out in the Code by publishing all information required by regulations and information that is in the interest of investors, holders of debt securities listed on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. The Code of Corporate Governance is available at the following link.

Croatian Post has also adopted its Code of Corporate Governance with the aim of improving high standards of corporate governance and transparency in the company's operations to effectively and responsibly manage the Company and achieve the well-being of the Company by increasing credibility, professionalism, and competitiveness.

The application of the Code can contribute to better strategic and operational control as well as greater financial and social efficiency. The Company faces many challenges in its business. Many of them are common to all companies providing services, but a certain number of challenges are conditioned by the special position of the Company arising from its three roles:
  1. Provider of universal postal services
  2. Legal entity of special interest to the Republic of Croatia
  3. Participant in the market of express postal and other services.
Since the Code of Corporate Governance for Companies in which the Republic of Croatia holds shares or stakes represents the minimum requirements that the Republic of Croatia imposes on companies in its ownership, there is a need to further regulate the matter of corporate governance in the Company with a more comprehensive document. The document below: Code of Corporate Governance.