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Digital payment in all post offices

Digital payment in all post officesQuick, secure and easy payment via the KEKS Pay application
Croatian Post, in cooperation with Erste Bank, enabled payment via the KEKS Pay application in all post offices in Croatia. Through the KEKS Pay application, users can pay for postal services free of charge and conduct their transactions in 1016 post offices in a fast, secure and easy way. Just scan the QR code displayed near the post office and follow the payment instructions given on the app.

"The mission of Croatian Post is to be at the service of citizens, and digitalization, i.e. digital transformation that we have been carrying out for the past four years, gives us the necessary tools to fully focus on our customers and provide them with a great user experience," said Nikola Kucelj, Head of the Business Process Improvement Department at Croatian Post.

"The advantages of the KEKS Pay application have so far been recognized by more than 150,000 users, who will now be able to quickly, safely and free of charge, by scanning the QR code, pay for postal services in Croatian Post offices. In addition, the possibility of paying with KEKS Pay when delivering packages will soon be available, as the only way of non-cash payment ", said Dejan Donev, Head of the Digital Transformation Team at Erste Bank.

Three years ago, a comprehensive digitization of the delivery process was carried out, and all postmen were equipped with smartphones and portable printers. Digitization of delivery has enabled numerous digital solutions, and soon digital payment on delivery will be introduced. Users will also be able to pay their postman for all services at the address via the KEKS Pay application.

Through numerous applications and the development of digital services, Croatian Post has proven its readiness to monitor and create digital trends. The possibility of digital payments in post offices is in line with the Post2022 Development Strategy. In addition to socially responsible business, digitalization is a philosophy of development at Croatian Post and the driving force behind numerous development projects. These projects have become part of everyday business, and are visible to users through the digitalization of services, as well as to the employees of Croatian Post through the digitalization of numerous business processes.