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One click for parcel status, post office and postal code

One click for parcel status, post office and postal code

Croatian Post has created an extension for the most popular Internet browser

Zagreb, 16 July 2019 – Digitalisation is, together with corporate social responsibility, one of Croatian Post's development philosophies. By listening to the users' needs, Croatian Post has created a Google Chrome extension that has additionally simplified access to the most popular postal information - parcel status (Track&Trace), as well as finding post offices and correct postal codes.
With the help of the "Croatian Post" extension, users can quickly and easily access information such as:
  • parcel status by entering the parcel number (without the need to confirm "I am not a robot")
  • the address, working hours and services of all 1016 post offices
  • the exact postal code for more than 6000 residential areas in Croatia
  • overview of Croatian Post's current offer and services.
The „Croatian Post“ extension can be downloaded here.
Google Chrome is currently the most popular Internet browser, which is confirmed by the fact that, according to the most recent website traffic analyses, it is used by more than 60% of Internet users in Croatia.