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Croatian Post takes over the subscription distribution to Tisak plus subscriber addresses

Croatian Post takes over the subscription distribution to Tisak plus subscriber addresses Citizens who subscribe to newspapers will be ensured the quality of delivery at an even higher level
ZAGREB, March 30, 2021 - Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Management Board of HP - Hrvatska pošta d.d., and Tomislav Bagić, Chairman of the Management Board of Tisak plus d.o.o. have signed a Business Transfer Agreement – the Subscription Distribution of Subscriber Addresses from Tisak plus to Croatian Post.

Croatian Post will perform the delivery of printed matter from April 1, 2021, and the acquisition will be carried out without financial compensation, with the assumption of the rights and obligations of the economic entity. After a four-year investment cycle worth about 100 million euros and the closure of an equal amount of accumulated losses from previous decades, Croatian Post continues with the strategic transformation of its operations.

Ivan Čulo, Chairman of the Management Board of Croatian Post, points out: “I am sure that we will quickly and successfully integrate newspaper distribution into our business, in accordance with our values ​​- trust, proactivity and excellence. What is certain is that from the day of the takeover we will work on further raising the quality of this service to the satisfaction of users, but also all current and future partners. As a company wholly owned by the Republic of Croatia, and of strategic interest, we feel a duty to be available to all media outlets and their subscribers. The importance of information availability is greater than ever before, and our role in this process will be significant. Our primary business is not just letters, packages or printed matter but also the delivery to the end user of anything we transfer. The investment cycle, which has marked the previous four years, was one of the foundations required to be able to integrate such businesses without disrupting the process, and throughout Croatia.”

Tomislav Bagić, President of the Management Board of Tisak plus d.o.o., said on that occasion: “Given the overall activity and complementarity of our operations, Tisak has found a reliable partner in Croatian Post who can best ensure business continuity in subscription distribution, and a reliable service for all our subscribers. At the same time, this business decision will enable Tisak to further focus on improving the efficiency and profitability of operational processes in key industries and overall business. In the coming period, Tisak will strategically focus on the strong development of its existing and new services and ranges that are in line with the needs of users.”

Tisak plus continues with the distribution of the commission sale of printed matter to its wholesale partners and retail network.