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Pitney Bowes Announced the Recipients of the 2018 Brilliance Awards 2018 at the Annual Innovation Summit

Pitney Bowes Announced the Recipients of the 2018 Brilliance Awards 2018 at the Annual Innovation Summit

The names of winners of awards for innovation and operational excellence, industry-leading compliance, higher-value communications and omni-channel customer engagement have been announced

STAMFORD, Conn., May 15th, 2018 --- Today, Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that delivers innovative products and solutions for starting commercial operations, announced the winners of the 2018 Brilliance Awards. They include Croatian Post, Fiserv, Merck, Renkim and Broadridge.
The annual awards give recognition to the leading print and postal organisations for innovation in leadership in directing work flows, reacting to market changes, increasing competitiveness and incorporating physical and digital technologies for the purpose of optimising the value of user communication. The Brilliance Awards are given in four categories: Operational excellence, Industry-leading compliance, Higher-value communications and Omni-channel customer engagement. Each winner was officially announced today during the 2018 Pitney Bowes Innovation Summit at the company's Global Technology Centre in Danbury, Connecticut.
“It is a great pleasure to give the Brilliance Awards to these excellent companies for the use of newest technology for transformation and optimisation of print and mail jobs.“, emphasized Mr. Grant Miller, the President of the Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies company. “From daily precision sorting of millions of letters each day to adopting new inkjet print technologies that print on numerous media, digital management of returned mail while abiding by strict compliance regulations, preparation of postal materials in full colour at lower prices and revolutionising communications with the owners and regulatory bodies via digital channels, this year's winners incorporate physical and digital technologies to optimise communications. Their vision is the realisation of greater effectiveness and productivity along with a better experience for all their stakeholders“.
2018 Brilliance Awards Winners
Operational Excellence, Croatian Post, Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian Post has recently opened its new most modern centres for sorting letters and packages in Zagreb and Split thereby positioning itself as the top sorting centre for domestic and foreign postal service providers. The main centre in Zagreb uses the  Vantage™ Sorter by Pitney Bowes with the Business Logic Processing (BLP) software and the VariSort™ Mixed Mail Sorter for processing “flats“ shipments and small packages with astounding precision and speed. These new systems that use the newest technology for optical character recognition (OCR) for faster scanning based on the Croatian Post format and symbols provide exceptional precision, integrity and safety of documents at the speed of 230,000 letters per hour.
“We were searching for the best quality accessible solution for sorting to replace the existing systems we could no longer use and maintain along with a sufficient security level“, emphasized Mr. Ivan Čulo, the CEO of Croatian Post. “Our new sorting systems are faster and more reliable so they contribute to delivery deadline realisation even during the periods of highest workloads - 2.5 million letters per day. This new technology will allow us to be more efficient while ensuring document integrity and protection. Pitney Bowes has a rich experience and knowledge in the area of broader postal operations, as well as all aspects of sorting letters. This has proven to be very valuable to us.“