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Your Post Foundation and ACI Take Children Sailing

Your Post Foundation and ACI Take Children Sailing

A big day for small seafarers

In late September, ACI Marina Cres hosted an event for children from children’s homes in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County with their educators, ACI’s representatives, and representatives, sponsors and donors of the Your Post Foundation. In addition to some sixty participants, the Mayor of the Town of Cres, Director of the Cres Town Tourism Board, the Harbormaster and Maritime Police joined the event.
After gathering and enjoying each other’s company in the morning, time came to form crews and board the sailboats. All children bravely boarded the boats and eagerly awaited their skippers and the time to start sailing the waters around Cres. Each crew and sailboat had its skipper who was to calm down any frightened passengers and teach everyone the most important things about sailing. Besides the skippers, the regatta was accompanied by Harbormaster’s Office employees and Maritime Police.
“I trust this event will become a traditional one,” said ACI’s Director Kristijan Pavić after the regatta was successfully completed. As a sponsor of the Your Post Foundation, ACI d.d. actively supports this Croatian Post’s action and has so far sponsored five children.

Your Post Foundation
The mission of the Your Post Foundation is to promote corporate social responsibility to help create a better and more humane world for children without adequate parental care. Over 400 children living in homes for children without adequate parental care have been covered by life insurance policies thanks to support provided by our longstanding partner – Croatia osiguranje. The insured sum will be paid to children as annuity as of the time they leave the children’s homes and start living their lives independently. This way, each child will have his/her basic living expenses – rent and utilities – covered for the next two or three years until he/she finds a job. Considering their life circumstances, very few inmates of children’s homes enroll in a college, which makes them eligible to continue living in a home. Most inmates must therefore start living independently when they turn 18 years old, which is a major challenge without assistance from society and a secured job, putting them in substantial difficulties. These policies help children overcome any financial problems during this crucial time of becoming independent until they find their first employment.