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Project GreenPosts

„Green Skills & Practices for Postal Services to implement the European Green Deal“
 Significant international developments such as the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the growing importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals have highlighted the need for more urgent action by the global business community in the field of environmental sustainability. Climate change mitigation measures cover issues such as ensuring decent working conditions, promoting innovation, building sustainable cities and communities, ensuring responsible production and consumption. The GreenPosts project draws inspiration from existing initiatives, with the aim of implementing the European Green Deal in the postal sector.

The GreenPosts project aims to provide training material for employees of both Croatian Post and other postal operators on how to implement the European Green Deal at the local level and respect the goal of sustainable development, as well as relevant goals that are most important for the postal sector. The specific objective of the GreenPosts project is to improve the green skills of employees in the postal sector at the local level by improving technical capacity, knowledge, values and attitudes to develop and support sustainable social, economic and environmental performance in business, industry and community.

With more than 600,000 post offices worldwide, the postal sector operates the largest physical distribution network on Earth. About 660,000 vehicles, 250,000 motorcycles and countless planes, which travel billions of kilometers each year, are used daily to deliver mail. The post office and 5.5 million postal workers consume electricity, water and paper, all of which have an impact on the environment. Local post offices are involved in various environmental activities, but it is not always easy for them to keep up to date with science and policy at EU level in order to create an adequate and comprehensive long-term plan focused on priorities, using the latest evidence and achieving better results.

The GreenPosts project will present clear and tangible benefits to all stakeholders involved. It will improve basic skills and competencies on leadership, citizenship and proactive action. It supports green and social action with proven benefits for the environment, the region and local communities as well as promoting social cohesion, integration and inclusion with benefits and more opportunities for all. Also, a pilot course will be held to test and adapt to the educational material developed through the Project.

Project holder: Croatian Post - HP d.d.
Project partners: bulgarian post EAD Bulgarski Poshti bp, greek post ELLINIKA TACHYDROMEIA - ELTA , Cyprus postal service - DPS and Future Needs Management Consulting Ltd
Project duration: November 1, 2021 - October 31, 2023; 24 months
Project value: EUR 195,468.00 fully funded by EU funds from the Erasmus + program, Key Activity 2: Strategic Partnerships.

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