Hrvatska pošta


Our business

Keeping in mind its mission - to serve citizens - as well as its vision - an innovative company tailored to employees and users, Croatian Post provides a wide range of services to customers and clients, both individuals and business entities, ranging from classical, traditional to modern digital services. The company's focus is on further developing the customer experience in line with changes in customer habits, needs, and expectations.

Core business

Croatian Post is a company strongly focused on core operations and infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on the development of transportation logistics and services, business digitization, modernization of the fleet, especially the introduction of electric delivery vehicles, and the necessary charging stations to minimize the negative environmental impact of daily business activities as much as possible. With four state-of-the-art sorting centers for shipments and packages, six machines for automatic sorting of shipments, and a package processing machine with a capacity of 15,000 packages per hour, Croatian Post also has the largest network with more than 1000 post offices in over 800 settlements throughout the Republic of Croatia, where customers can perform numerous and diverse services. An integral part of these impressive numbers is the largest network of parcel lockers in our country, with 300 devices. In the upcoming period, Croatian Post's focus remains on core operations and enhanced customer experience achieved through service transparency, availability, and digitization, the development of logistics capacities and regional presence, digital transformation in corporate culture, employee development and empowerment, and above all, sustainable business for the benefit of the entire community, society, and the environment.


In addition to traditional postal services, Paket24, a fast parcel delivery service that is a partner of the most important global and domestic companies, is also available to users. From the beginning of September 2022, Croatian Post has ensured the fastest delivery to the extreme south of Croatia. This means that shipments from the largest global and domestic e-shops arrive in cities such as Dubrovnik, Cavtat and Ploče just as quickly as, for example, in Zagreb, Split, Osijek or Rijeka. In addition to delivery to the address or to the post office, users of Paket24 can receive and send their parcels via the parcel lockers, the new delivery channel of Croatian Post.

Parcel lockers

Parcel lockers are automated devices with compartments of different sizes and are in 300 frequent and easily accessible locations, which can be reached on foot, by bicycle or by public transport. They are available every day of the week, from 0 to 24 hours, and users can collect and send their packages contactless at the time that suits them best, and they can also return goods purchased in e-stores through the parcel locker.
Paket24 - a fast parcel delivery service at Croatian Post, which also delivers parcels ordered in domestic and foreign e-shops to new locations, takes care of the delivery and dispatch of parcels from parcel machines.


Following the latest development trends in logistics and the potential of that segment, Croatian Post is constantly working on the development of the logistics part of the business. Connecting producers/suppliers with end customers and optimizing stocks by predicting demand with the offer of different delivery dates are just some of the services in which Croatian Post recognizes the potential of this branch of activity. In order to provide a comprehensive service in logistics business, in addition to a diverse fleet, various innovative business solutions in delivery and storage are being introduced throughout Croatia.