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FlyVETUp! meeting in Athens

4th Transnational Project Steering Committee Meeting in Greece

Organized by ELTA, the Greek Post Office, the 4th Transnational Meeting of FlyVETUp! held in Athens on 2 and 3 June 2022. This is also the last meeting of this type of project supervisory board where the achievements are evaluated and the next steps are agreed.

During the review of the year and a half of the project, Ivana Filipović from the Croatian Post, the project manager informed the partners that the educational e-platform for training Drone operators is ready and that materials and tests can be accessed in English. Croatian and Greek versions are in progress. The representative of the Aviation Technical School Rudolf Perešin gave a brief overview of the dissemination activities they had in the past period. FlyVETUp project! in addition to school students who organized extracurricular activities related to drones and their use in various sectors, was presented at several fairs of educational institutions.

A representative of Dronint is in charge of testing and adjusting the delivery drone in the postal sector. Unfortunately, the planned test flight delivery by drone could not be held due to the strong wind that blew along the Aegean coast, but an employee of Dronint informed the partners about the technical characteristics of the aircraft. Test flights will additionally take place in the fall at multiplier events in Greece and Croatia.